Protecting a nation is a full-time job and COLLARIS has unparalleled experience securing physical facilities and ensuring governmental and business continuity in case of accidents and attacks by hostile entities. COLLARIS installs and maintains systems to ensure that the critical infrastructure of a nation is secure, functional and resilient under all circumstances, thus maintaining public trust and confidence that are vital for a nation’s peace and prosperity.

What we do

  • Provide custom-tailored solutions using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products in a layered approach to best fit customer requirements.

  • Domain awareness – Monitor customer facility and its environment

  • Integrate and synthesize data from all sensors, situational display and decision support

  • Detect potential threats and formulate appropriate response based on the unique needs of each customer facility

  • Minimize false alarms and provide visual confirmation prior to committing to a response

  • Provide site security managers with tools and information to evaluate threats and maintain situational awareness using multiple layers of sensors and rule-based alert system defined by zones of interest, alarm priority, target behavior and other characteristics

  • Provide local and regional connectivity and collaboration

Core Technological Solutions and Capabilities

Complete situational awareness
Central or distributed command and control
Sensor suite management
Alarm management
Video analytics
Access control systems
Radar detection and tracking using geographical information system
Slew-to-cue day, low light and thermal cameras
Fiber optic fence sensors
Microwave intrusion detection sensors
Gunshot location
Wired or wireless communications for remote system operations
Vehicle location and tracking systems
License plate recognition
Seismic and acoustic systems
Chemical, biological, radiation and Biometric sensors
Sonar systems