The enemy doesn’t announce its arrival

Years of experience enables us to develop innovative systems to protect friendly forces worldwide. Our systems mitigate hostile actions and prevent unexpected intrusions. Our surveillance suite combines information from radars, cameras, seismic detectors, microwave alarms and sonar sensors into real time decision making information whenever and wherever its needed.

  • Recognize friend or foe

    The ability to determine if a person is armed, recognize faces and license plates at extended ranges during daytime and in complete darkness denies anonymity to the adversary and confirms the identity of our friends. The detection ranges of our systems put the enemy out of direct fire range and in many instances out of indirect fire range as well.

  • Quickly setup a security perimeter

    Setting up a perimeter at a forward operating base or during a patrol has never been easier. Man-portable radars and cameras are compact, portable and can be operated on a battery for extended periods.

  • Reduce manpower requirements

    Combined with automatic intrusion detection software, our suite of sensors –radars, cameras, seismic detectors, microwave alarms etc. – can be setup within minutes and will issue an alarm if a threat is detected. This frees up soldiers to carry out other essential tasks.