Installation and support of the complete intelligence life cycle

Whether securing the frontline battlefield, military installations, land & coastal borders, critical infrastructure or the homeland; constant vigilance across multiple domains is necessary for having complete situational awareness. COLLARIS is a leader in the integration of cutting edge technology with operational doctrine across multiple domains—land, sea and sub-surface—to deliver optimum mission performance across the entire threat spectrum.

COLLARIS offers a wide range of security solutions:

  • Surveillance and reconnaissance

  • Intelligence systems

  • Mission support

Complex and innovative design solutions

COLLARIS engineers and scientists have met difficult national security challenges with innovative design solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Our products have proven themselves on and off the battlefield and in covert operations that require customized solutions.

Full range of products and services

COLLARIS offer a complete line of products and services ranging from the collection of mission critical information, processing of data into actionable intelligence in support of national and military intelligence agencies, as well as other federal and civilian customers within the national security arena.

Fixed Surveillance Towers
Mobile Surveillance Towers
Portable Surveillance Systems
City Wide Surveillance Network
Application specific covert systems